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Growing in sync with the Group, the women's wear brand JNBY enjoys huge fame and popularity, pursued by a large number of followers who share our 

philosophy about life. 

Thanks to our relentless pursuit of product excellence, JNBY has become the "spokesperson" for China's women's wear brands, and its brand philosophy of 

"Just Naturally Be Yourself" is shared and liked by many people. JNBY shapes "modern, energetic, charming and confident" women through its attire. 

The brand is meticulous about its material R&D and craftmanship, through which it helps urban women express their unique characters, sensitive emotions, 

romantic pursuits and elegance. Wear JNBY to enjoy every discovery, fun and romantic moment in life! This is the secret recipe that keeps JNBY forever young.

In 2005, JNBY established its men's designer brand CROQUIS (速写), attracting a large group of middle-class youth: optimistic, independent, calm, critical yet rational.

Inspired by its artistic DNAs and the brand value of "Re-Con-sider Humorously", CROQUIS' collection of men's wear blends elegance with a measure of playfulness, 

providing men aged 25 to 40 with dressing fun and a refreshed outlook on life. This is driven by CROQUIS' aesthetic pursuit for elegance mixed with playfulness, 

contemporality coupled with fifine textures and quality materials, novel tailorship, creative styling and versatility of wears across business and leisure scenes.


In 2003, JNBY Group established another women's wear brand "LESS", whose minimalist gene is inspired by the architectural philosophy "less is more" from the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. For the brand "less" , "Less is more" means "to live more, desire less" , as we believe simplistic styles often open up more surprises in life. "less" aims at shaping a new generation of independent career women aged 30-45 who love a simplistic lifestyle, thus echoes this vision with its design pursuit for "simplicity, elegance, independence and rationality". Indeed, "less" provides women with elegant and versatile dress to mingle through diverging scenes in life. This simplistic philosophy has proven to be hugely successful in bringing us highly efficient growth.


In 2011, JNBY Group launched its first children's wear brand, jnby by JNBY. Riding on the brand concept of "Free Imagination", jnby by JNBY, dedicated to children aged 0 to 10, expresses "free, imaginative, happy and truthful" design through a contemporary art approach, and passes onto children fun of life, art and knowledge, and the brand's beautiful values and concepts. Further, in an effort to reveal children's true characters and unique talents, the brand uses its design language to rekindle a child's heart in parents, encouraging them to grow with children and look together for free, happy and pure communication spaces.

Pomme de terre is a new-generation designer brand under JNBY. The brand is based on a boy named "Pomme de terre ", who shows a casual, free and exploratory image of a teenager in the "self-exploration period" and "semi- autonomous period" and their parents. The design of Pomme de terre focuses on exquisite craftsmanship and comfortable texture, seeking for easy wearing experience and deeper emotional touch and it fills a gap in the market for young designer brands.

In 2016, JNBY founded a new houseware brand, JNBYHOME. This is dedicated to "luxury-necessity" homewares in the post-materialistic era or age of mass consumption. Through JNBYHOME, we create forever fresh experiences through using materials in a respectful manner and designs that respect nature (we take random incidents as nature's gifts) — this is our attitude and answer to the mass consumption age. We regard home as a container for life, more than styles. By championing "live lively", we proactively explore diversity of high-quality lifestyles. 
Through weaving every detail of life and aesthetics into various spaces, we depict people's true living circumstances beyond physical boundaries. We use our design lens to trace the imprints of life across spaces. Our design focuses on the owner of the houseware and tells his or her story in a "diary book" , in which fun stories happened in each space are knitted with an inquisitive mind. Our houseware is our language to piece together fragmented memories to shed spotlight on those "seemingly insignificant" architecture and people.

In 2019, JNBY and renowned Italian designer Andrea Pompilio co-founded a new youth-focused menswear line - A PERSONAL NOTE 73. The brand, incorporating diverse cultures, high street fashion and artistic elements, presents its designs through fusing classics with a playful and modern touch. 

Andrea Pompilio received his master's degree of fashion design from Istituto Marangoni and has worked for prominent brands like Prada, Calvin Klein and Yves Saint Laurent. In 2011, he won the top prize from Italian design competition "Who's the Next" among young and emerging designers.

Andrea Pompilio combines elegance with pragmatism and presents them with a contemporary urban style. Cross-fertilizing workwear and military uniform style with Italian traditional tailoring, contrasting colors and diverse lively elements, he reinterprets refined aesthetics with high street fashion. Andrea focuses on quality and details, meticulous tailoring and creative decorations, rendering modern menswear an INFORMAL twist.

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