JNBY Group, the most influential designer brand fashion house in China, was founded in 1994 with its headquarters located in Hangzhou, China focuses on creative design, research and development of process and technology to produce and sell branded apparel. JNBY Group houses a strong design team, a professional management team, supported by sophisticated operations as well as a global sales network. Operating under the core values of “Better Design, Better Life”, JNBY Group is devoted to building China's best platform for design, while implementing a multi-brand strategy combining the synergies of multiple brands aimed to “Interpret Tastes with Design, Quality Life”, to actively and continuously shape our brand image, and offer meaningful and quality lifestyles to the multi-dimensional retail market. JNBY adhere to offer distinctive couture of superb quality, pursue uniqueness, be a constructive market disrupter and seek for unceasing innovation. We care about the cultural expression behind clothing, but also the novelty of life. We embrace independent thinking, personalized expression, and distinctive trends. We apply our observations and experiences from daily life to define novelty for consumers, and communicate with the public our concept of “new”. We allow consumers to derive greater joy from their attire, which stems not only from having a unique appearance, but also in discovering the delight brought about by “design” in our lives, and in demonstrating a kind of approach to clothes and to life that we believe are uniquely pure and independent.

JNBY Group's brand portfolio currently comprises multiple brands in three stages - mature brand, JNBY; younger brands, include (i) CROQUIS (速寫), (ii) jnby by JNBY and (iii) LESS; as well as various emerging brands, such as POMME DE TERRE(蓬馬) and JNBYHOME, each brand targeting a distinct market segment and having a uniquely defined design identity based on our Group’s universal brand philosophy — "Just Naturally Be Yourself".Our broad range of product offering and brand portfolio create a lifestyle ecosystem that enables us to address our customers’ needs at different stages and under different scenarios of their lives, which in turn allows us to build a large, diversified and loyal customer base. Meanwhile, we have launched such new consumption scenarios as “Box Project” and “JNBY Group +” member collection stores to provide consumers with more value-added services. To experience life we use design, with practicality – rather than extravagance or ornateness – as its core. We interpret life with a simple attitude, emphasizing visual language to express different styles, having the qualities of both affinity and distinctive personality. We pursue styles with freedom that are more casual, more relaxed and reflect personal taste. We provide a platform for individuals to collaborate, to express their attitude of life, to accommodate different cultures and traits. We strive to diminish the perceptions over aging and traditional classifications, while affirming acknowledgement of differentiated lifestyles and similar tastes, and build JNBY Group's designer brand ecosystem on this basis.

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