We are a leading designer brand fashion house based in China. According to the information provided by CIC, in 2017, we ranked first in the Chinese designer brand fashion industry in terms of total retail sales. We design, promote and sell contemporary apparel, footwear and accessories as well as household products. Our brand portfolio currently comprises eight brands – (i) JNBY, (ii) CROQUIS (速寫), (iii) jnby by JNBY, (iv) less, (v) Pomme de terre (蓬馬), (vi) JNBYHOME, (vii) SAMO and (viii) REVERB, each targeting at a distinct customer segment and having a uniquely defined design identity based on our Group’s universal brand philosophy – “Just Naturally Be Yourself”.

Our products target at middle-and upper-income customers who seek to express their individuality through fashionable products. Our broad range of product offering and brand portfolio create a lifestyle ecosystem that enables us to address our customers’ needs at different stages of their lives, which in turn allows us to build a large and loyal customer base. We started our business in 1994 by selling women’s apparel. According to a survey conducted by CIC, our flagship brand, JNBY, is considered the most unique and recognizable women’s apparel designer brand in China, ranks first in terms of brand awareness and enjoys the highest brand loyalty in terms of the number of customers with repeated purchases among top 10 women’s apparel designer brands in China. We further expanded our brand portfolio between 2005 and 2011 to include CROQUIS (速寫), jnby by JNBY and less. During 2016-2018, we further launched Pomme de terre (蓬馬) for teenagers, JNBYHOME with designer household products and furniture products, SAMO for consummate professional men and REVERB, a brand new sustainable fashion brand, so that our brand and product mixes could be more diversified and we could cover consumers of most age groups. Taking into account our fans’ purchasing patterns and information needs, we have established an omni-channel interactive platform comprising physical retail stores, online platforms and WeChat-based social media interactive marketing service platform, with each component playing a critical role in transforming our potential fans into loyal fans. We aim to build up a “JNBY Fans Economy” strategy, which is based on a community of fans whose purchases are driven by their affinity to the lifestyle we aim to promote.